Lending between Friends and Family on your terms, made easy

Credovita Flapp helps make the process of making friendly loans between friends and family simple, stress-free, and legally-binding. Instead of relying of flimsy verbal agreements, paying very expensive lawyers to draft legal agreements, or paying high fees to intermediaries, Credovita Flapp gets the task at hand done as quickly as filling up a form and following a few simple steps!

What is Credovita Flapp?

We are a loan facilitation app that lets you make loans between friends and family on your own terms. You set the interest rates, payment schemes, and even connect and transfer the funds through a variety of different methods

Credovita Flapp is introducing a new way to do peer-to-peer lending by focusing on the social and cultural value of relational lending which we call F2F Lending


Friendly Lending Made Easy

Just 4 easy steps to make your friendly loan


1. Loan Details

Fill out the details on the Credovita Flapp Loan Builder and decide on the amount, terms, interest rate, and the additional services. Submit the details and wait for our email.

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2. Wait for Flappbot in your Email Inbox

Flappbot is our automated loan transaction assistant. Review the terms and simply sign by replying to Flappbot’s email to you with a picture of your ID on a blank sheet of paper with your signature beside your ID.


3. Funds Transfer

Follow the instructions in the email to route the funds to the borrower, with Credovita acting as custodian. You can choose to send via our Secure PayPal Payment Rail (for Visa or MasterCard) or via Local Bank Account

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4. We do the processing and now you’re Done!

You will receive a digital copy of your signed agreement within 24 hours. Loans worth PHP 10,000 and above are notarized for free (pending lawyer availability).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Credovita Flapp?

We are a deal flow manager platform that enables you to borrow and lend between friends and family— financing your needs from people you trust without the stress.

Who is eligible to use Credovita Flapp?

Anyone who can consent to a legal contract can use the platform.

Is the loan transaction made on Credovita Flapp a legal contract?

Yes. Under Philippine Commercial Law, the agreement that would be made via the platform would be counted as legally-binding, but if you would want a promissory note notarised by a Notary Public then that service can be availed of.

What are Credovita Flapp's responsibilities and obligations throughout the loan transaction process?

Credovita acts as the deal flow manager, witness to the transaction and contract, and then the designated custodian of the funds while in transit from lender to borrower and vice-versa; and the custodian of the official transaction records. We are obligated by the Terms of Service to ensure that the transaction conforms with all applicable regulations including the Anti-Money Laundering Laws, and Anti-Financing of Terrorism Laws.

What are the risks?

As with any kind of lending there will always be inherent risks of non-repayment and delays. We strongly advise all our users to exercise prudence and do their own due diligence even when lending to friends and family.

How does the money move around?

At the time of this public proof-of-concept, Credovita Flapp uses PayPal and Local Bank Account custodianship as the payment rails while we actively work on integrating automatic payments powered by our banking partners.

If I get stuck or have an immediate concern with a transaction I'm in the middle of, where do I go?

In case you have any questions or immediate concerns reach out through the following ways:

Is there an iOS or Android app?

Not yet, but this is coming up real soon so stay tuned!

Simple Transaction Fee Pricing

Credovita Flapp takes the stress and hassle out of lending between friends and family, so we extend that same thinking to our pricing with two simple tiers.

For transactions less than PHP 10,000

PHP 79
Flat Fee

✅ Legally Binding Friendly Loan e-Agreement

✅ Remote Signing Process

✅ Access to the Loan Builder Platform

✅ Free reminders from the Lender to the Borrower via Credovita Flapp Updates

For transactions PHP 10,000 and above

1% of the Principal

✅ Legally Binding Friendly Loan e-Agreement

✅ Remote Signing Process

✅ Access to the Loan Builder Platform

✅ Free reminders from the Lender to the Borrower via Credovita Flapp Updates

✅ Free notarisation of the Promissory Note at the Notary Public partner of Credovita Flapp

✅ Free custodianship of all pertinent legal documents


What can be financed?

Personal Expenses

Don't get stuck borrowing from high interest sources of illegal loan sharks. Friends and family are always ready to lend a helping hand. By using Credovita Flapp you are putting your word as your collateral and ensure that trust is always first.

Starting a New Business

Banks and institutional investors are usually very conservative and rarely take big risks, but who knows? Your next big idea could be the solution that everyone was waiting for. Why not reach out to the people in your life that are willing to invest not just in your business but in your abilities to do great things. By using Credovita Flapp, you are putting your word as your bond and ensure that trust is always first.

Paying for Medical Emergencies

We never know when we might get into a medical emergency. Don't get straddled with high interest loans from sources of ill repute; reach out personally to your friends and family who will always have your back. By using Credovita Flapp you are putting your word as your collateral and ensure that trust is always first.

Zero-interest loans to family and friends

We continuously work hard to make supporting your loved ones simple.


Friendly Lending Made Easy

Credovita Flapp — The Friendly Lending App is a product of Credovita S.A.S.

Here at Credovita we aim to make digital finance and banking more personal and more accessible.


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